Youth are the future of the ASRBA. Here you will find info on outstanding youth achievements as well as access to our Youth Scholarship form and Youth Contest Guidelines.
We hope you get involved and join in the FUN!


While NASS and ARBA Convention wins for both Open and Youth exhibitors can be found on the ASRBA Events page and Best in Show, Reserve in Show, or Best 4 or 6 Class wins can be found on the ASRBA Winners’ Circle page, we recognize that many of our youth members are also active in 4-H and FFA Youth programs across the country. Youth who have made noteworthy achievements in either of these programs with their Satins or Mini Satins are invited to send us your information along with a photo and it will be posted here. If you have great news you’d like to share with us, contact our webmaster!

Here is where you can find all the info on the ASRBA Youth Royalty Contests as well as the Bonnie Keele Memorial Scholarship opportunity! The ASRBA Youth Royalty Contests were organized to acknowledge EXCELLENCE among ASRBA Youth members in attendance at the annual National All Satin Show; to allow these members to demonstrate a working knowledge of general rabbit knowledge and Satin and Mini Satins; to explore critical thinking skills, demonstrate personal initiative and provide problem-solving, decision-making and goal-setting activities for all participating youth members.

If any of our youth members has suggestions concerning the youth contests, please e-mail Youth Chair, Glenda Weiss, in order that we can consider offering what you would like to see.

DJ Hoff | Youth Judging Contest Winner



We had a record number participate in the youth contests at the 2016 National All Satin Show in Hutchinson, Kansas! We are very appreciative and thank all parents and other volunteers who assisted with the contest as well as all Youth Committee members.

Youth who entered in the contests received a ticket for each contest they entered. These tickets were used to draw for a pair of Mini Satins and a pair of Satins. Thanks to the generous donation of LeAnn McKinney, Todd Naragon, Chuck Benbrook and Clarence Linsey!

ASRBA Youth Contests

Photography: Kal Salzman
Craft: Mary Richards
Speech: Nehemiah Westercamp
Writing: Sabrina Johnson
Educational: Dylan Whitmer
Technology: Kal Salzman
Judging: Jasmine Gates


Queen: Kendall Lisle
Duchess: Alexandra Gast
Duke: Dylan Whitmer
Princess: Mikaylyn Kenney
Prince: Nehemiah Westercamp
Lady: Alison Bentrup
Lord: Jordan Jensen



Applicants must be a current member of the ASRBA at the time of entry and participation. The age requirements and divisions are as follows: (Competitive divisions are based on the youth’s age as of the closing day of the National All Satin Show.)

King and Queen – ASRBA Youth members age 15-18 years
Duke and Duchess – ASRBA youth members age 12-14 years
Prince and Princess – ASRBA youth members age 9-11
Lord and Lady – ASRBA youth members under 9 years
*(Note: Lord and Lady Contestants will not be required to participate in the judging contest but will be asked to speak to our judges about one of their rabbits.)


Contestants will participate in the Judging, Written Test and one other contest. The total points of these 3 contests will determine the winner.

Below are the contests that are available to ASRBA youth contestants. Contests marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Contestants may choose one of these contests (in addition to Judging and the Written Test). More than one additional contest may be chosen if desired. For a complete description of all of the ASRBA Youth Contests, please click here.

PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST – Candid shots of shows, individuals, or etc.


In the early 90’s then ASRBA president Randy Shumaker, asked Bonnie Keele of Rochester, Indiana to prepare a proposal for a youth program to present to the ASRBA board of directors. With some reservation because of funding, the program was approved and the rest is history. Randy appointed Bonnie chairman of the youth committee, a position she held until she became too ill to continue. Bonnie, who passed away in November of 2004, lived to see and oversee a highly successful program for our ASRBA youth members. She developed several contests that are highly competitive today. Bonnie loved rabbits, loved shows and showing, but was passionate about and dedicated to the young folks.

To honor this dynamic lady, the Bonnie Keele Memorial Youth Scholarship was approved and started in 2006. Since that time more than $6,000 has been raised to fund this scholarship program thanks to ASRBA members who have donated their half of auction proceeds at NASS and ARBA conventions, donated rabbits and other items and held auctions on a local level, and simply donated cash.

All ASRBA youth who are graduating seniors through age 21 and who will be attending college, vocational or technical school are encouraged to apply. Please feel free to access the Bonnie Keele Memorial Scholarship Guidelines and Application below. Applications are due by March 1st of each calendar year.

We’ve made it easy for you to donate any time of the year!
Donate however your spirit or pocketbook moves you. 
All donations are earmarked to benefit and fund the Bonnie Keele Memorial Scholarship. 
These funds go to ASRBA youth who apply for and are awarded scholarship monies.


Mike D’Amico was a large part of ASRBA. He loved people and enriched many lives by just being around him. As Mike was in the trades, the recipient of this scholarship will be someone enrolled in a technical school.

Please feel free to access the Mike D’Amico Scholarship Guidelines and Application below. Applications are due by March 1st of each calendar year.


RC Crowe was a former director of the ASRBA and a recipient of the Distinguished Member award.  He raised several different Satin varieties throughout the years; but was known for his outstanding Siamese and White Satins. RC earned many sweepstakes awards and Best in Show wins with his Satins.  He was proud of all of those accomplishments; but more than anything he enjoyed the comradery of his fellow breeders. RC also enjoyed working with the next generation of Satin breeders and loved to help the youth of our breed start their herds or improve the quality of their rabbits. Therefore, in memory of RC, the RC Crowe Memorial Youth Grant for Herd Improvement was established to encourage youth breeders to become more involved in our association and strive to improve the quality of their herds. 

Please feel free to access the RC Crowe Memorial Grant Guidelines and Application below. Applications are due by March 1st of each calendar year.