ASRBA members have two premier show events which draw Satin and Mini Satin breeders from all over North America – The American Rabbit Breeders National Convention and the National All Satin Show (NASS).

Both of the above shows are made possible by dedicated breeders from host clubs volunteering their talents and time to see to it that breeders from coast-to-coast have a venue to display beautiful Satins and Mini Satins in all their glorious varieties – evidence for many, of years of dedicated breeding programs.

2023 ARBA CONVENTION | Louiseville, Kentucky

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 ARBA CONVENTION!


BOB Mini Satin – Bauer/Bauer/Buckalter/Ross/Ament – 
BOS Mini Satin – Karsyn Bartell – 
BOB Satin – Alexandra and Bryan Gast/Heather LaShell – White Intermediate Doe 
BOS Satin – Jack and Mary Etnyre – Chinchilla Junior Buck


BOB Mini Satin – 
BOS Mini Satin – 
BOB Satin – Cassie Marvin – Broken Junior Buck
BOS Satin – Hunter Rudolph – Lilac Otter Doe

Best Of Breed

White Intermediate Satin Doe
Owned by Alexandra and Bryan Gast/Heather LaShell

Best Of Breed Youth

Broken Junior Satin Buck
Owned by Cassie Marvin

Best Of Variety

Silver Marten Satin
Owned by Sue Moessner

Best Of Variety

Red Satin
Owned by Lisa Leibrand

Best Of Variety Youth

Otter Satin
Owned by Autumn Wright

Best Of Variety Youth

Red Satin
Owned by Austin Wright

Best Of Variety Youth

Siamese Intermediate Satin Doe
Owned by

Best Of Variety Youth

White Intermediate Satin Doe
Owned by 

2023 NASS | Kalamazoo, Michigan

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 National All Satin Show!


BIS/BOB Mini Satin – Jeff Batchler/Paula Keller – Squirrel Senior Doe
BOS Mini Satin – Dereck Tuntland – Silver Marten Senior Buck
BRIS/BOB Satin – Jim Baylis – Himalayan Junior Doe
BOS Satin – Jim Baylis – Himalayan Senior Buck


BRIS/BOB Mini Satin – Mackenzie Lamond – White Senior Buck
BOS Mini Satin – Austin DeHaan – Broken Senior Doe
BIS/BOB Satin – Brayden Gast – White Senior Doe
BOS Satin – Brayden Gast – White Intermediate Buck

101st ARBA CONVENTION – Louisville, Kentucky

Save the date!

101st ARBA Convention
Louisville, Kentucky
October 26-30, 2024


Save the date for the 2024 National All Satin Show!

2024 National All Satin Show
Hutchsinson, Kansas
April 19-21, 2024


ARBA Convention Results

NASS Results