The ASRBA is aware of the importance of recognizing its members – youth and adult, for their outstanding achievements and service to this organization and other members. Recognition is a significant incentive to achieve even more. Recognizing our members for their achievement and service will inspire themselves and others to continue participating, growing and contributing to the furthurance of the aims of the American Satin Rabbit Breeders Association and the rabbit hobby as a whole..

Youth members are recognized for their participation in the ASRBA Youth Contests held each year in conjunction with the National Satin Show. Please visit the Youth page for more details regarding these contests. ASRBA Youth members who also participate in 4-H or FFA are always welcome to submit their accomplishments with their Satins or Mini Satins!

Additionally, the ASRBA feels it is important to recognize the achievements of our members on the show table throughout the year. Members who win Best in Show, Reserve in Show, Best 4 Class, or Best 6 Class at any local, state, or regional all-breed or specialty show are welcome to submit a photo of their winning Satin or Mini Satin along with win information from the Winners’ Circle page of this website.


The ASRBA Distinguished Member Award (formerly known as the “Mr Satin” award), is presented yearly to an ASRBA member who has been an outstanding Satin promoter, active in club activities, and in general an asset to Satin rabbit raising and exhibition. The award is voted on by the Distinguished Member Award Committee and Executive Board members of the ASRBA. It is presented at the annual ARBA National Convention at the ASRBA Awards Banquet.

ASRBA Distinguished Members

2023 Distinguished Member – Kathy Gustafson
2022 Distinguished Member – LeAnn McKinney
2021 Distinguished Member – Darren Blue
2019 Distinguished Member – Dereck Tuntland
2018 Distinguished Member – Ray Stacy
2017 Distinguished Member – Larry & Sharon Webb

Do you know a member of the ASRBA who has distinguished themselves through their promotion of Satins & Mini Satins as well as the ASRBA? If so, contact a member of the ASRBA Distingushed Member Award Committee and let them know!
Distinguished Member 2022

How It Works

The committee is made up of no less than five (5) persons appointed by the ASRBA President, who have all been recipients of either the Distinguished Member Award or the “Mr Satin” award. The committee considers all members who meet the requirements for the award. Any ASRBA member is encouraged to recommend another member to this committee for special consideration as a worthy honoree. Following are the criteria for consideration of the ASRBA Distinguished Member Award…

    1. Nominee must have been a paid up member of the ASRBA for a minimum of ten (10) consecutive years.
    2. Nominee must have been outstanding in the overall promotion of Satins and Mini Satins (particularly on the national level), active in the ASRBA and active in raising and exhibiting Satin or Mini Satin rabbits.
    3. The ASRBA Distinguished Member Award Committee will submit a maximum of three names to the ASRBA Secretary by August 15 of each year.
    4. The ASRBA Secretary will mail copies of the nominees’ resume and a ballot to the members of the Executive Board and Distinguished Member Award Committee for their consideration and vote. (One ballot per person.) An option of ‘No Honoree this Year’, to be included on the ballot.
    5. The nominee receiving the highest number of votes will be declared that year’s Honoree. In case of a tie, the President will break the tie.
    6. The Honoree will receive a suitable plaque and Life Membership in the ASRBA.


An organization is only as strong as its members and to that end, the ASRBA Membership Committee strives to help increase membership numbers by running an annual Membership Contest. All current members of the ASRBA can participate simply by recommending new breeders to join the American Satin Rabbit Breeders Association. Participating is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

    1. Members will be credited for each membership they sponsor; adult, youth and family membership have equal value. Double points will be awarded for sponsoring three (3) year memberships.
    2. Renewals do not count. Past members must have lapsed for more than one year to count as a new member.
    3. This contest is open to Adult and Youth members equally.

The ASRBA Membership Contest runs from July 1 through June 30 of the following year. Members who have recommended the most new member during the year will be recognized at the ASRBA banquet held during the annual ARBA National Convention.


J Leo Collins – long time ASRBA member, ARBA rabbit judge, and recipient of the 1989 “Mr Satin Award” winner (now referred to as the ASRBA Distinguished Member Award), is credited with the final development and addition of the Mini Satin as the 47th breed to to be accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in February of 2007. An award is given each year in his honor at the ASRBA banquet held during the National Satin Show. The current chair of the J Leo Collins Award Committee is Mike D’Amico. For further information regarding this award and its selection process, please e-mail Mike D’Amico at: