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Home to both the Mini Satin and the Satin - the team with sheen. Please take a few minutes to look through our pages. Whether you are a seasoned breeder of Mini Satins and Satins, or new to the world of rabbit breeders you're likely to find something of interest here. Our club is dedicated to uniting Mini Satin and Satin breeders from all over, and continuing to promote and develop our breeds! Feel free to contact any of our club members or officers for any assistance or questions that you may have. Better yet, join us and you will get a copy of our guidebook, receive our quarterly newsletter and access to our Facebook group.

Congratulations Rob and Amanda Wampner
Best Of Breed Satin - Open - at 2014 ARBA Convention
Broken Jr. Doe - "Wampner's Houston"

Latest News

  • Consitution and bylaws changes to be voted on at NASS 2015 - Click here to view
  • Current Sweepstakes - Updated April 16, 2015
    • List of shows included - Click here to view pdf
    • Click here for Open Satin
    • Click here for Open Mini Satin
    • Click here for Youth Satin
    • Click here for Youth Mini Satin
  • Please send all show reports to our new Sweepstakes Chair
    Bob Birman
    91607 Schaffer Dr
    Warrenton, OR 97146
    Email: thesatinhutch@gmail.com

  • Please send all sanction requests, membership applications, payments and correspondence to our new Secretary/Treasurer
    Glenda Weiss
    4105 Castle Road
    Fostoria, MI 48435
    Email: glweiss@hotmail.com
  • 2015 ASRBA Officers

  • Constitution Updated October 2014, for latest changes - Click here to view
  • Sweepstakes for Open and for Youth, in Mini Satins and Satins Update date: September 1, 2014
    Points reflect shows through April 2014, an update will follow as soon as available.
    Please NOTE: The List of Shows has NOT been updated.
    Also Note: available on the dropdown menu are the final sweeps for the last two sweepstakes years. Sweepstakes years run from July 1 to June 30 every year.
  • Ballot results from voting on variety approval
    Total Ballots 234
    Broken Yes 231 no 3
    Chocolate Agouti yes 122 no 110 abstain 2
    Squirrel Yes 126 no 107 abstain 1
    Himalayan Yes 207 No 26 Abstain 1
  • Updated report on the Don Matthews Memorial Fund - Click here to view
  • We will start a new sweepstakes year on July 1, 2014. Anyone who has a name change or a partnership change will need to let Bob Birman know of your change so that he may keep your points for the new year in just the way you want them to be. Bob Birman's email address is thesatinhutch@gmail.com.
  • Important Information Regarding Partnerships
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  • Charlcie Fowler has a new email address. For her address and more information on the Satin News: Click here for more details.

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